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Batuan temple
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Penglipuran village
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Penglipuran village
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Penglipuran village
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Penglipuran village
Penglipuran village
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Padang padang Beach
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Bali 3 Days Tour Package Details

3 Days
Private Tour

Bali 3 days tour package. Multi-day tour package to explore Bali, cheaper prices. There is no denying that Bali is filled with incredible attractions and it can take days for a thorough exploration! If you are planning to see every nook and cranny of the island, why not start in eastern Bali. You’ll be taken to some of the most beautiful locations in the area in a private car for a comfortable and enjoyable adventure. Some of the places you will visit include the majestic temple Pura Lempuyang, Tirta Gangga Water Palace, Virgin Beach, Tegalalang Rice Terrace Ubud, Tanah Lot Temple, etc. The perfect way to finish your Bali private tour with a glimpse of Bali’s hidden and beautiful ocean views. Round-trip hotel transfers are included to make your browsing as easy as possible.

The driver will pick you up at your accommodation and take you anywhere you want to go in a 3 days tour program to explore Bali’s best attractions.

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Day 1 – Bali Private Tour

Sahadewa Barong Dance

Get a glimpse of rich Balinese culture through the amazing Sahadewa Barong & Kecak Fire Dance. Let the powerful choreography and chanting fills you with mystical energy. Be amazed at the exciting dances and let your experience in Bali even more memorable!

Teba Sari Bali Agrotourism

You will be greeted by a guide who takes you through the plantation to learn and take part of how Luwak Coffee was made traditionally. Luwak Coffee is the most delicious and aromatic coffee that you could ever taste. This was definitely a very cozy place, you will feel drift when you are stand on the wooden stage and enjoy wonderful sight. Visit the place you will get quintessential Balinese experience! It’s definitely worth it while you in Bali.

Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

At sacred monkey forest, you can see amazing carved artwork, sculptures and the temple with the monkeys enjoying their freedom and letting us be around them. If you came to Indonesia you must visit the forest. It’s a very pleasant thing to do and gives you opportunity to understand a little more of their culture.

Tegalalang Rice Terraces

Tegalalang Rice Terrace is the famous rice terrace near Ubud that you’ve probably seen in everyone and their Instagram photos. It’s touristy and most people visit for the photo opp, but these fields really are stunning. Unlike some places around the world that have been spoiled by tourism, the Tegalalang Rice Terraces are definitely still worth visiting despite their notoriety.

Kintamani Highland

Kintamani is known to be one of the most fertile areas in Bali. This area surrounds Mount Batur, including the caldera with its panoramic lake. Panelokan is the best place for you to enjoy the vista of the whole area. This village is the best point to climb Mount Batur. You can enjoy the best view of the whole Kintamani Area from one of its rugged peaks. Green rolling hills, scenic lake, and other peaks in the area combine to be a spectacular view.

Tegenungan Waterfall

Not far from Ubud, Tegenungan Waterfall foams in a white cascade over black stone cliffs into a quiet pool. At around 66 feet (20 meters) high, it’s an impressive flow, and that’s not all the site has to offer. Besides climbable cliffs, a secret smaller waterfall, and simple food stalls, a charming grotto houses a sacred spring.

Puseh Batuan Temple

Bali Batuan Temple is a local Balinese Hindu temple looked after by the local resident of Batuan countryside. The temple is designed very beautiful with full of Balinese ornaments and the roof temple building is made from the fiber of chromatic black palm tree. It is strategically located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. For over a thousand years, Batuan has been a village of artists and craftsmen, old legends and mysterious tales.

Day 2 –  Bali Private Tour

Taman Ayun Temple

Taman Ayun literally translates as ‘beautiful garden’ and is generally regarded as one of the most attractive temples of Bali. The Taman Ayun temple is situated in a beautiful park with trees and ponds, near the village of Mengwi in the south of Bali at about 8 km southwest of Ubud and 18 km northwest of Denpasar.

Lake Beratan Bedugul

Lake Beratan Bedugul is one of the tourist attractions in Bali that listed on your Bali holiday itinerary. Bali island offers many exciting things to do, and Lake Beratan temple Bedugul is one of the most famous tourist attractions on Bali island.

Handara Iconic Gate

If you come to Handara Golf and Resort, you must prepare your camera to take pictures of your every single moment you spend there, as you will see a lot of Instagram worthy places within the golf club & resort. One of them is the Balour Balinese gate of Handara-the path way to serenity. It has become a famous Instagramable spot in Bali. It is a popular landmark for tourists who seek for one of Bali’s top Instagrammable locations to have some iconic picture for your social media.

Wanagiri Hidden Hills

Selfie tourist attractions are now sought after by all groups, especially those who always want to update on social media, hunting for new, beautiful and Instagramable places is a mandatory destination. Like the existence of Wanagiri Hidden Hills, although it has been open since 2017, every day there are always visitors who come to take pictures

Leke Leke Waterfall

Finding Leke Leke Waterfall couldn’t be easier. We spotted the signs and didn’t even use google maps but here’s the exact pin point incase you need it.
It’s on the way North from Ubud to Bedugul and a great stop point if you’re heading to Nungnung Waterfall.
It’s an easy enough walk down, taking roughly 15 minutes, and leads through some bamboo built bridges to lead you to the fall itself.

Tanah Lot Temple

Tanah Lot Temple is one of Bali’s most important landmarks, which is famed for its unique offshore setting and sunset backdrops. An ancient Hindu shrine perched on top of an outcrop amidst constantly crashing waves; Tanah Lot Temple is simply among Bali’s not-to-be-missed icons.

Day 3 – Bali Private Tour

Lempuyang Temple

Pura Lempuyang or Pura Lempuyang Luhur Karangasem is one of the Sad Kahyangan Temples in Bali which occupies the eastern position of Bali. Apart from being a holy place, Pura Lempuyang has its own uniqueness such as natural purity, especially forest areas that have not been so touched that the beauty of the valleys and beaches of East Bali looks very amazing. Famous as the gate of heaven, Lempuyang Temple attracts so many tourists and is the most Instagramable spot in Bali.

Tirta Gangga

Tirta Gangga Water Palace is one of the famous tourist destinations in east part of Bali. The scenery of Tirta Gangga Water Palace is beautiful with breathtaking views surrounded and the climate is relatively cool. In the middle of park, there are many small statues are intentionally set on the stone to decorate the park in order to make a good looking. All of the statues are taken from the Hindu Historical epos like Maha Bharata or Ramayana.

Taman Soekasada Ujung

Taman Ujung Karangasem is a tourist destination in the East Bali region which was built since the Dutch era. It called the Water Palace because water plays a very important role in this life, as 80% in the human body consists of water. Taman Ujung Karangasem is a recommended place to you when you have a plan to marry. Yes, Taman Ujung Karangasem is good to have a pre-wedding! The physical features and a superb view of all area of Taman Soekasada Ujung, make it’s a favorite location for pre-wedding and artistic photographers.

Virgin Beach

Virgin Beach Beach is also known as Perasi Beach. White Sand Beach Bali with beautiful white sand beaches in Bali is hidden in Karangasem Bali. Enjoy a beautiful view from uphill when you drive all the way down to the beach. Lovely clear water and soft white sands. You may also see a small beautiful island called Pulau Paus from the beach.

Bukit Asah

Asah Hill is a new tourist spot on top of Asah Hill, Bugbug village, Karangasem Regency – Bali. A hill that juts into the sea with high cliffs to the left and a white sand beach to the right. You can see a beautiful sunset from here.

  • Best Bali 3 days tour. Budget private tour package with price per car and up to 6 people.
  • Cheap tour package for 3 days
  • Explore of Bali’s most beautiful destinations and capture some stunning photos to share on social media.
  • We also have all-inclusive Bali 3 days tour options, so you don’t have to worry about spending extra money on lunch, entrance fees, etc. We arrange everything for you during the tour so that you can enjoy the tour comfortably.

Day 1:

  • Sahadewa
  • Teba sari
  • Monkey Forest
  • Tegalalang
  • Kintamani
  • Tegenungan
  • Batuan Temple

Day 2:

  • Taman Ayun
  • Lake Beratan
  • Handara Gate
  • Wanagiri
  • Leke-Leke Waterfall
  • Tanah Lot

Day 3:

  • Lempuyang
  • Tirta Gangga
  • Taman Ujung
  • Virgin Beach
  • Bukit Asah

Feel free to adjust or modify the schedule as needed. Enjoy your tour! 🌴🌞🚶‍♂️

  • Private round-trip transportation from your hotel
  • English speaking driver
  • Private car with A/C on the island
  • Parking fees to all attractions
  • Bottled water


  • Admission to all attractions (All inclusive package)
  • Lunch
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Sandals
  • Sunscreen
  • Times and Attractions: We can customize the schedule to fit your preferences. Just let us know your requests, and we’ll accommodate them.
  • Schedule Flexibility: Please note that the times mentioned above are subject to change based on local conditions.
  • Hotel Pickup Inclusions: Hotel pickup is included from the following areas:
    • Seminyak
    • Kuta
    • Legian
    • Uluwatu
    • Jimbaran
    • Sanur
    • Nusa Dua
    • Denpasar
    • Up to central Canggu
    • Up to central Ubud

If your location falls outside of these areas, we can still arrange pickup for an additional charge. Enjoy your tour! 🌴🚗🌞


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